How To Get UdiWaves

You Want UdiWaves? OF COURSE YOU DO! Here's how to get them!

The Udi Partners have tied the value of the UdiWave, and the UdiCoin which will be released later, to ETHEREUM, so the preferred exchange currency for the UdiWave is ETH (not ERC20 tokens).

We also encourage the use of DASH and DOGE (much trading, so fun!).

The Udi Partners does not accept fiat currency for UdiWaves.

You may obtain your UdiWaves

  • if trading ETHEREUM (ETH not ERC20), fill out the ETH to UdiWave trade request.
  • if trading DASH (DSH), fill out the DASH to UdiWave trade request.
  • if trading DOGE (DGE) (much democracy!), fill out the DOGE to UdiWave trade request.
  • As an alternative, you may go to the decentralized Waves Exchange, and take up any existing sell order, or put a buy order and we will consider it. We will consider many coins in exchange for the UdiWave, but policy is we do not accept tokens which fluctuate wildly in value, such as bitcoin. The reasons for this are set out in the Udi Manifesto found elsewhere on this site.

As the UdiWave is a waves token, you will require a waves wallet address. Go to the Waves Platform, and download the waves wallet (or use the online wallet).