How Do I Get UdiWaves?


You want UdiWaves? Here's how to get them and get your foot in the Udi Platform NOW as a vendor, purchaser or audience member.

You cannot BUY UdiWaves. Udi Partners does not accept fiat currency for UdiWaves. You get them by trading other coins which are accepted by the Udi Partners. How do you do that?

UdiWaves can be obtained on the Waves Platform. Get your waves wallet or open an online waves wallet and you will be able to trade certain other coins on the decentralized waves exchange for the UdiWave.

  1. On the Waves Platform, currently the Udi Partners accept Ethereum (ETH - not ERC20 tokens) or DASH in exchange for the UdiWave. The Waves platform also deals with other tokens, which *may be accepted by the Udi Partners on a case-by-case basis.
  2. On this website, get your UdiWaves in exchange for: DOGE, MONERO, IOTA or RIPPLE by filling out the appropriate exchange offer here and completing the exchange. As the UdiWave is traded only on the Waves platform, you will be required to download and install the waves wallet, or use the online waves wallet in order to receive your UdiWaves.

*The Udi Partners DO NOT accept Bitcoin and Litecoin in exchange for UdiWaves, for reasons set out elsewhere on this site and in the Udi Manifesto and Whitepaper. While you may be able to exchange these tokens by offering to another owner, the Udi Partners do not condone the use of the UdiWave as a speculative commodity and remind you it is not a security.