How Do I Get UdiCoin?

The only way presently to get UdiCoin is to get UdiWaves.

At the end of its intitial development cycle, the UdiCoin will be the central smart token securing ecommerce transactions through the UdiPurse. It will also be accepted as a currency for payment for certain products and services on the UdiMarket and Udi On Demand. Vendors who want to accept cryptocoin payments (UdiCoin or others) will use the UdiCoin for the same purpose. It will also have a smart contract layer with its own dispute resolution interface. At the end of the initial development cycle, UdiCoins will be exchangeable for UdiWaves.

YOU WANT UDIWAVES. The UdiWave is the first issued token on the Udi Platform ecommerce and shopping-on-demand network. The UdiWave will be exchangeable 1-to-1 for the developed UdiCoin (which will secure ecommerce transactions across mobile devices, and do much more!). It is exchangeable for valuable discounts, memberships, products, and promotions on the Udi Platform. It can be used to pay for vendor and products registrations, advertising & sponsorships and more! It is your best way to take advantage of the Udi Platform at the ground level. Whether you are a consumer, a vendor, manufacturer, or an altcoin enthusiast, you need UdiWaves. The UdiWave is the FIRST general cryptocurrency of the United Democratic Commonwealth ("UDC"). The UDC is a direct democracy and sponsors human rights initiatives. Your support for the UdiWave will assist in promoting democracy globally!

The Udi Partners do not sell pre-ICO or other UdiCoin subscriptions to anyone and at this time. As for private investment for development or other parts of the Udi Platform (like Udi On Demand and UdiMarket), we can deal only with accredited investors. The Udi Partners do not condone the speculative trading of UdiWaves on any exchange, and remind you the UdiWave is a utility token, not a security)