Get On The Udi Platform

Why should you get on the Udi Platform today?

Your support today promotes the Udi Coin in becoming the democratically-controlled global currency it is mandated to be. It also supports the use of all cryptocurrencies as real alternatives to fiat currency. If you make your purchase today, you will:

  • Qualify for free Udi Coins* as they are issued. Owners of the Udi Coin will have direct influence on development and forks of the Udi.
  • Qualify for preferred discounts on your purchases of valuable products and services as they become avalaible on UdiMarket and UdiDirect.
  • Qualify for preferred shipping rates and options.
  • Get huge discounts on access to the Udi Direct streaming services.
  • Be eligible for disounted memberships in, or admissions to, various events and organizations promoting human rights, education and democratic values world-wide.
  • As a vendor you will qualify for reduced rates on product listings and fulfillment services.
  • As a sponsor, you will qualify for discounts on product placement and promotional spots on Udi Direct entertainment programs.

You could wait until the release of the Udi coin and other platform components after the development period. But you will lose out on hundreds of dollars of discounts and subscription savings, and you will miss out on a substantial amount of free Udi Coins.

Purchase your spot on the UdiPlatform now. You may do so with approved fiat currencies (USD, CAD, Euros) or with **approved cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Dash, Doge).

(Purchase links and agreements will appear on this spot in the near future).

*Your initial purchase of the Udi Platform components entitles you to the UdiPurse application, which in turn will entitle you to an allotment of free Udi Coins equal in value to your total initial purchase, PLUS the other discounts and benefits associated with the UdiPurse.

**certain cryptocurrencies are not acceptable forms of payment, due to their being either too volatile to sustain reasonable use as money, or as having too significant a proportion of miner or stakeholder ownership by state or corporate entities who are suspected or known to be hostile to democratic principles (eg. China, North Korea, et al). These would include Bitcoin, Litecoin and others as designated by the Udi Partners.