Time To The UdiWaves Sale


The Udi Platform & the Udi Coin

The Udi Platform is an ecommerce/mcommerce and blockchain project created by the Udi Partners. It has the object of connecting crypto tokens directly with the sale of goods and services, by (at first instance) integrating the Udi token into an operating shopping experience.

For a description of the various components of the Udi Platform, download and read both the Udi Manifesto and the Whitepaper.

Everyone can get their foot in the door of the Udi Platform today, by getting UdiWaves, the first token created for the Udi Platform. UdiWaves will be tradable for discounts, subscriptions and services on Udi Market and Udi On Demand entertainment and ecommerce platforms, and will be tradeable 1-to-1 for UdiCoin - the cryoptocurrency that secures your ecommerce and on demand shopping experience, and protects your privacy!

How do you get UdiWaves? It's easy - trade any one of a number of existing cryptocurrencies for UdiWaves here. You can do it NOW by sending a trade request on this website or on the Waves Platform.

For those interested in being involved with the Udi Platform as an investor, we welcome all serious inquiries. However, the Udi Partners policy is to partner only with accredited investors relating to any equity position.